Meet the "Berry" in Berry Berry Sweets...

Shanequia is a self-taught baker and grew up in the kitchen cooking with her grandmother every year during thanksgiving. From that point she developed her love for cooking. One weekend while visiting her dad’s house during her freshman year of college, she and her sister Courtney were watching television when they saw two celebrity sisters going into business together. It was at this moment they looked at one another and stated, “We’re going to be just like those sisters one day.” Seeing as though their last name is Berry, “Berry Berry Sweets” seemed fitting.


Spring 2013, the two sisters catered their first event, a book launch. This was the moment of truth for them. The event turned out to be a huge success. From that moment, Shanequia knew this was something she wanted to invest her time and energy to make it a success.


Several cake decorating classes at Michaels Arts & Craft store to enhance her skills prepared Shanequia for Valentine’s Day; one of the most important dates for bakers! Shanequia was busy completing orders for friends and coworkers and she was excited things were looking up for the business. At the end of the day…SUCCESS!


As time continued, Shanequia decided it was time to put things into place and start to build the “Berry Berry Sweets” brand. That summer she began the process of creating an exciting menu. Shanequia kept working on building the brand and started trying out new things.  After months of trying different items and ideas, she soon became known for her Cake-Pops; which happens to be her number one seller and everybody loves them.


Berry Berry Sweets has grown and continues to grow through word of mouth, social media, and different events as she continues to gain exposure. Berry Berry Sweets currently services the entire Chicagoland area and its surrounding cities.