Delicious Hot Chocolate Bombs are filled with cocoa powder and marshmallows. Comes in set of Four!


Place "bomb" in the bottom of your mug, pour 8oz of hot milk or hot water and watch the magic happen! The perfect treat for this Holiday season! Comes in set of Four!


Your Options:

1. Milk Chocolate - Cocoa Powder and Marshmallows

2. Peppermint - Cocoa Powder, Marshmallows, and Peppermint Pieces

3. Cookies & Creme- Cocoa Powder, Oreo crumbles, and Marshmallows

4. White Chocolate- Cocoa Powder and Marshmallows with sprinkles

5. Valentine's Theme- Cocoa Powder and Marshmallows 

6. Variety Pack- 4 random cocoa bombs.


Hot Cocoa Bomb