Terms of Use & Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy.

At Berry Berry Sweets, we are committed to keeping your information private. We do not and will never sell or market your information to a third party...or any party for that matter. In addition, Berry Berry Sweets does not retain or hold your personal or business credit card information in any kind of data base.



Terms of Use.

When making your payment, sales tax will be automatically added to your total payment.

Pick up should be as close to the time of your party as possible to ensure that your order is in the best possible condition for your event. 

Please keep in mind, once we have scheduled a pick-up or delivery time, that is the time the customer must be there. If you are not on time for your pick up or no one is at the delivery location, you will miss out on your order, and no refund will be available. Please be respectful of our time and the time of other customers.